Packaging Testimonials

“Great job on the Packaging Benchmark survey.  You had a great client list and brought the survey results together in a timely fashion.  Your work has helped me define my packaging department strengths and gaps in relation to the rest of the industry.  This was very helpful in shaping my department long range development plans”.

Jim Freund, Packaging and Labeling Manager, Hollister Inc.

“I would like to thank you for all your efforts and contributions this past year…excellent work with minimal direction from me. It’s nice to have a seasoned veteran like yourself to consult with. As I build out the team, a lot of the work you have begun and the interaction with my developing engineers/technicians (and Purchasing), really sets a great foundation from which to build.  During this season of reflection, your efforts were of particular importance….and I just wanted to extend a particular “Thanks”.

Rick Estabrook, R&D Packaging Development Manager, GMCR Specialty Coffee Business Unit

“I had the good fortune to land Bob at Gillette at a time when we needed improve our overall collaborative, technical and delivery capability in Package Development. Bob brought experience and expertise with him that achieved this goal. Bob is capable of leading efforts to develop, design and test a wide range of packages from very functional shippers and carriers to very sophisticated and challenging state of the art requirements. Bob understands the needs of Marketing and Product Managers, Engineering and Manufacturing Operations and Global Distribution and Logistics. Bob is cost conscious and was a strong contributor to our organizations constant demand for cost savings. Bob has global knowledge and experience and he built an organization that was able to optimize global packaging needs to suit both country/regional requirements and the ever changing needs of the business.”

Tom Lyden , VP Manufacturing , Gillette, Boston, MA 

“I had both the privilege and pleasure of working with and for Bob Collins over a period of 11 years at the Gillette Company and subsequently through acquisition by Procter & Gamble in his role as Director of Global Package Development. His visionary approach and dynamic lead in implementing the Global Synchronisation of various fragmented package development functions into a single GLOBAL TEAM resulted in significant efficiency and effectiveness gains. This was demonstrated most clearly by the creation of a motivated and results driven leadership team and an overall department that showed both acceptance and implementation of his proposals. This led to the definition and implementation of a single global package development process, an increase in project deliveries, reduced development lead times and improved quality relative to an almost flat headcount. His approach to organisational redesign is based on a thorough understanding of multi functional business needs, brand awareness and the need for flawless delivery to drive competitive advantage. Bob consistently conveys personal drive and strategic relationship building skills as well as technical, commercial and business acumen. These combined with his unswerving belief in Package Development being an equal technical partner in the overall delivery of new products led to a major turn around in the credibility and performance of the Global Package Development team. His experience, knowledge and expertise have been recognised across the packaging world resulting in him presenting at a number of international conferences and technical forums. This is testimony to Bob’s ongoing dedication to the packaging industry and his belief in delivering organisational excellence.” February 4, 2010

Keith Greatbatch, Manager – Global Package Development, Eastern Hemisphere, Procter & Gamble, Reading, UK

“I worked with Bob Collins for over 10 years at Gillette and Proctor & Gamble. Bob is an extremely knowledgeable person and has strong mastery in packaging, the packaging process and the implementation of new initiatives. I have utilized Bob for guidance in determine options for packaging that focus on the best approach to delight the consumer while delivering all package at the most reasonable cost. Bob’s expertise extends broadly in many legs, one of which is sustainability. I had the pleasure to work with Bob on a Sustainability lead team where his guidance and direction was invaluable to the team. Bob would be a strong asset to any organization.” January 25, 2010

Kevin Seaver, Associate Director of B&R Program Management & Emerging Market / Disposables PM Leader, Procter & Gamble, Boston, MA