Strategic and Organization Optimization Expertise

Global Packaging Optimization, LLC (GPO) can work with you and your team to assure your Strategies and Package Development Business Processes align and optimize support for the Business Strategy of your company.  Leading Business Process Improvement (BPI) experts all agree that approximately 85% of all business problems are the result of sub-optimized strategies and processes.  GPO can assist you and your team to progress beyond any personal feelings of not reaching your goals as a result of these processes.  We will help you focus on developing an optimized process for your team to increase efficiency while reducing the costs, time and resources to complete your initiatives. GPO wants to help you work more effectively, be more efficient in completing your work and more adaptable to changes in the business climate.  GPO can assist you in any combination of the following areas, depending on your needs and requirements:

  • Providing guidance to assure your Package Development Strategy is aligned with your companies Business Strategy
  • Benchmarking your processes and establishing priorities for the improvement effort
  • Mapping your current process and assessing current performance and metrics objectively
  • Determining the estimated time and cost associated with the current process
  • Verifying the current process with both the users and customers of the process
  • Working with the team to improve the process
  • Creating metrics to evaluate the new process and controls to monitor progress
  • Testing the new process and modifying any areas that are not yet optimized
  • Implementing the change throughout your organization
  • Working with the team to assure continuous improvement of the process


Global Packaging Optimization, LLC can also provide assistance in related activities that include:

  • Aligning personnel with organizational objectives and the optimized process to leverage strengths and build capability
  • Training, coaching, mentoring and team-building to support the effort
  • Defining performance improvements to eliminate mistakes and redundant work
  • Defining and implementing communication channels
  • Enhancing cross-functional collaboration and the information hand-offs with other functions
  • Defining methods to assure accurate, actionable specifications
  • Developing effective Sustainability and cost reduction program strategies

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