Packaging Services

Technical Packaging Design and Development

Global Packaging Optimization, LLC (GPO) can provide innovation, design and development assistance to result in optimized, timely, cost efficient, consumer friendly and sustainable solutions for your company. Our vast and diverse experience in package design and development, spanning from conducting initial feasibility studies and analysis through innovating, developing, qualifying, implementing and maintaining post-launch will assure you that every consideration is given to defining the optimum technical solution to meet the requirements of your program.  GPO has in-depth experience with most packaging materials, converting processes and manufacturing equipment to meet your needs.  GPO also has in-depth experience in cost optimization and cost reduction to deliver the lowest possible packaging cost.  Having been responsible for and successful with hundreds of new package launches, ranging from regional products to multi-billion dollar global products, we can define the best solution for your requirements.

Strategic and Organizational Optimization

Global Packaging Optimization, LLC (GPO) can assist in optimizing the performance of your Package Development organization, whether you are a newly formed emerging company or one of the largest global corporations. While this can be an extremely complex initiative, maintaining a focus on the basic principles and objectives of Business Process Improvement (BPI) is critical.  Maintaining the ongoing success and improvement of your Package Development organization is totally dependent upon having the proper organizational structure and optimized processes to continue to increase your department’s value to your company. GPO can collaborate with you and your organization by providing a “third party” perspective and analysis of your operation.  We will then custom tailor an optimization initiative using the latest BPI tools, based years of experience in transforming Fortune 500 Package Development organizations to reach their full potential. This will all add value to you, your team and your performance within your company. Through utilizing GPO to optimize your infrastructure, you will have more time to focus on growing your business.


Global Packaging Optimization, LLC will custom tailor training programs to support your Technical, Strategic, Organizational and Quality Requirements.  Keeping pace with the latest packaging industry capabilities can be a difficult task when trying to accomplish all of your responsibilities.  GPO will help you remain on the cutting edge, increasing the capabilities of your Package Development organization. 

Retained Services

Many organizations do not need full time consulting assistance, but can benefit immensely and economically by retaining support that can be accessed as needed.  Global Packaging Optimization, LLC can serve as a retained advisor to you and/or your staff to provide prompt, thorough support as required and needed.

GPO makes this commitment to any potential client: “If we do not have the expertise to provide your needs with excellent service, we will tell you during our initial conversation”.

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